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Commercial insurance policies are mostly custom designed to suit the need of varying nature of businesses based on their daily activities and trade category. In-case of losses and damages to your property as a business owner your first priority is to get operational at the earliest. We are here to be instrumental helping you to get back to business stress free, our highly trained professional adjuster will deal with the insurance company. We analyse and document all evidences of damages occurred, justifying every claim.

Natural calamities are an unavoidable and devasting situations for any home owner, the damages caused by hurricane and wind storms can be categorised and classified in many different ways. Analysing and keeping in consideration both tangible or non-tangible damages is very important to claim settlement from your insurance company. Our experts are here for the rescue, we will evaluate your policy and represent your best interests to settle claims quicker. Our profound knowledge can help you in contract evaluation, site investigation, claim negotiations and claim settlements. We make this possible by submitting an error free documentation at the first go.

Filing a fire insurance claim is a very complex process, in most cases fire damages are severe to complete loss of property and belongings. It can be overwhelming to cope up with the mental and emotional setback for you and your family. In most cases the insurance companies will try to negotiate and under pay for your damages once they realise you do not have a public adjuster to fight for your rights. It is in your best interest to contact us and hire a professional public adjuster at the earliest to work on your behalf and defend all your rights. We can get you the settlement you deserve, and remember there is no fee if you get no recovery and our claim analysis consultation is free.

Residential damage claims are on the rise lately, damages occurring due to variety of incidents like fire, lightning, theft, water damages etc. As a result of being vulnerable from so many different types of damages, this has increased the complexity of insurance policies. Depending upon the severity of the damage and your claims settlement request you will have to prove the damages to get deserved compensations making it a tiring process. Hiring a public adjuster is your best bet here, as they will be able to ensure highest settlement claims you deserve.

One of the most common damages homeowners have to deal with is Mold Damages. Moisture and humid weather conditions are the primary reasons for Mold damages are an even higher risk to the residents affecting their throat, eyes, skin, and in many cases, directly harming human respiratory systems. Every type of damages causes to a property is different, and in most cases, property owners might not even be able to classify the differences. Lack of legal understanding leads to wrong documentations, unforeseen damages and underpaid or rejected claims. Our highly trained professionals prove to be instrumental in dealing with your insurance company to compensate you with the maximum claim for your damages.

AC Leak damages are a result of unattended irregular maintenance issues. A problem that seems to be very small at the beginning can cause significant damages to your property in the longer run. Drainpipe blockages, cracks in the pipes, improper installations etc., are small but the main reasons to ignite the damage. Homeowners are unprepared to deal with AC leak technicalities and mostly end up being blamed directly for the damages caused by the insurance company. Hiring a professional public adjuster helps you understand your insurance policy and presents your claims on a more substantial ground. Our expert can analyse and club claims with other categories of your insurance cover, making sure you are compensated based on actual damages.

Roof leak damages are one of the most expensive financial claims for an insurance company to settle. As a homeowner, you would want to get the maximum compensation for your damages. Directly dealing with the insurance company or insurance company adjusters is never going to be in your favour. Connecting with an expert public adjuster at the very beginning will make the claims process fast and stress-free for you. Our experts help you interpret your insurance policy details with proper documentation, combining photos and video evidence to ensure you get the maximum claim settlement for your damages.

In many cases, the homeowner is completely unaware if broken drain lines damages are covered in the insurances or not. Insurance companies carefully evaluate damages incurred to ensure that the damages are not a result of negligence or lack of maintenance issues, all of which are considered the owner’s fault. Having a professional public adjuster to handle your claim right from the beginning is the most convenient and stress-free solution for any homeowner. Documenting and submitting an error-free claim is what we do to make sure you are compensated beyond expectation, helping you get back to normal daily life at the earliest.

Damages claimed as a result of vandalism and theft are on the rise lately, depending on factors like location of your property, type of property and time of the year etc., makes your property more prone to be under attacked. Having coverage on vandalism and theft damages is of utmost importance for every homeowner. Documentation requirements in vandalism and theft claims are crucial and investigated by insurance companies to the minutest of damages details. Hiring a public adjuster as early as possible is the most advisable situation for homeowners. Insurance companies do not take vandalism and theft claims lightly, so should you not take them lightly. Our public adjusters claim every detail with caution and assure you of maximum possible financial recovery.

Having multiple plumbing components and connections running all through different areas of your home makes it challenging to locate and fix the exact damage point. The complexity of fixing Plumbing damage is not an easy task to handle, and the nature of this problem makes it one of the costliest claims to make. Without proper documentation covering all aspects of damages or an erroneous claim submission can either result in the claim being declined or negotiated for way less than the actual damages. An experienced public adjuster can take care of this overwhelming situation for you, generating proper documentation and appraise the damages on your behalf. We ensure you get paid the maximum damage claims possible to cover all your repair costs.

Many typical insurance policies do not cover flood damages, so you have to purchase a separate flood claim insurance policy. If you do not have insurance coverage for flood, the relief you get from the federal disaster relief funds is not enough to get repairs done to normalcy. In case of flood damages, every home owner’s only priority is to get claims settled and address damage repairs as soon as possible. Delay in getting repairs done results in causing further damages to your property like mould damages, water damages, leak damages etc. A highly recommended solution in case of flood damages is to hire a public adjuster to make sure all your worries and responsibilities are taken care of at the earliest.

Damages to your property that results in preventing your business from functioning on a regular operating mode are emotionally and financially denting to any owner. When filing for business interruption claims, you need to ensure that your property has incurred physical damages preventing your normal operations daily. Being non-operational will also result in other financial losses, interruption due to damages that can last from few hours, days to weeks, and even months. Filing for business interruption claims involves many documentations, which also includes presenting considerable evidence proving the reason for damages. Small or big, all claims are dealt with equal importance by our experienced public adjusters. Hiring us will help you focus on your business while we work on your behalf to get all your damages paid to the maximum by the insurance company.


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