When to Hire a Florida Public Adjuster


Public adjusters are licensed professionals and assigned by the individual states to help make the insurance claim process fair by protecting the rights and providing guidance to the policyholder. Homeowners and policyholders can hire professional public adjuster services to represent their claims and negotiate for their benefits based on the insurance company’s property protection policies. Public adjusters advocate your claims by Assessing, Documenting, Negotiating and Submitting your insurance claim fulfilling all the required formalities for ensuring you receive maximum claim settlement for the damages. On the other hand, the insurance company’s adjuster is hired by the insurance company to defend their clients’ rights. Most homeowners and policyholders prefer to hire a public adjuster before hiring an attorney is to avoid litigation and help them secure maximum settlement amounts for the damages.

  • How to decide on hiring a public adjuster?
  • How Advisable is it to hire a public adjuster?
  • When is the right time to hire a public adjuster to represent your claim?



The most advisable solution starts by suggesting it in almost every case, is to hire a professional public adjuster right from the start to make sure the claim process results as expected. Public adjusters are subject matter experts, prepared to survey and comprehend property protection strategies. Without professional help, you might not be able to present your claim process with proper documentation, which will result in you settling for less compensation than the damages that occurred. A legitimate portrayal of your damages needs adequate assessment and substantial documentation that most policyholders fail to address when processing the claim independently. Reports and data suggest taking professional help guarantees the protection of your rights against the insurance company. Professional assistance accompanies an expense to avail their services, so many policyholders decide to settle and deal with their case themselves. In Some cases, this approach is effective; however, many claims do not succeed and never get the entire settlement sum. Dealing with insurance company adjusters is a tiring and frustrating situation. A policyholder also needs to be careful they don’t give consent to or sign any documents unsympathetic to their losses resulting in undervalued compensation.


You want a hassle-free claim settlement process to ensure your minimum involvement and maximum compensation for your damages.

You have to keep up with your other responsibilities of managing work and family commitments as your topmost priority.

You do not wish to be overwhelmed by the stress of going through tons of paperwork and negotiating your claim settlement process.

More often than not, clients do not have the required skills and expertise to argue against the obscure policy as it was never designed in your favour at the first place. Policyholders are unaware of their already agreed to puzzling agreements with the insurance company, which are designed to compensate as less as possible. And guess what? With all the professional team of experts, they always win in most cases or at least end up in a favourable position as per their convenience. Then comes a lack of legal understanding of the contract clause that is way more esoteric than normally clients think they are. Fast Adjusting deals with many different documented policies and decodes the underlying meaning to translate it in your favour. All you need to do is set up a FREE appointment with one of our licensed public adjuster experts.


Severe damages to your property make claims processing a very complicated task. Due to lack of proper documentation, the insurance company can reject your claim or under compensate your damages. Sometimes when policyholders try to settle claims, they miss on documenting damages under the right category of damage claims. Here, a professional adjuster plays a vital role in analyzing your damages and your policy coverage to categorically organize your claim submission.

Insurance agency research shows that the policyholder falls prey to an offering of quick pay and perceive the support as excellent customer care. Many policyholders do not realize; this technique is used to settle the claim as soon as possible and compensate less for damages. Our experts suggest that all policyholders ensure that their rights are not compromised and prevent themselves from signing any undervalued damage report under the pretext of getting claim settlements quickly.

When natural calamity strikes, the insurance company gets flooded and overloaded with several claims to process at once. We have often seen insurance company adjusters arrange an ariel survey of the affected region from outside the state. Unaware of the situation that an insurance company has to process a filed claim within a specific time frame, the policyholder is taken for a ride. Experts suggest getting professional help as early as possible to help you deal with the natural disaster.

The insurance Adjusters are working in favour of the insurance company protecting their interests. Undervaluing damages to negotiate your compensation to the insurance company’s convenience is their priority. Filing for an insurance claim is a very complex process; in most cases, damages are severe to complete loss of property and belongings. It can be overwhelming to cope up with the mental and emotional setback for you and your family. In most cases, the insurance companies will try to negotiate and underpay for your damages once they realize you do not have a public adjuster to fight for your rights.

It is in your best interest to contact us and hire a professional public adjuster at the earliest to work on your behalf and defend all your rights. We can get you the settlement you deserve, and remember there is no fee if you get no recovery, and our claim analysis consultation is free.

Insurance company adjusters are not comfortable in dealing with licensed professionals and will always discourage the idea of hiring a public adjuster. However, we suggest you do your research and decide if you want to engage your public adjuster and if the expenses involved are worth it.


It is generally confusing to many policyholders whether to hire a Public Adjuster or an attorney to advocate their claims with the insurance company. Both Attorney and Public adjuster play a vital role in the claim settlement process, and their fee structure is a decision-making factor. Most reputed public adjuster firms do the consultation and policy review for free, which can answer most of your questions. An attorney’s requirement will be more advisable for litigation cases and to address issues that a public adjuster cannot handle, incurring increased expenses.

With years of experience with claim settlement cases and having dealt with a wide variety of damages, we are here to make a difference by sharing our knowledge and delivering results. Most policyholders who have experienced our public adjuster services will be able to tell you how smooth the entire process is, right from the first stage of a FREE policy review to ensure maximum claim settlement.

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